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Richard Walker

Seems a while since I had anything to say on my blog. The tides haven't been in my favour so I've had enforced rests in my mud berth at Downs Road. When they have been more favourable, then I've done a few trips and also a Two Island cruise but because no one seems to stay late on the Prom these days, my time of operating is limited. Some lucky people had me all to themselves and I also carried the ashes of the late Mr Gordon Swift, previous owner and skipper of the Thames Barge 'Dawn', whom my Noddy has known for absolutely years.

I had a visit from 'ALEKSANDR ORLOV' Meerkat, he met Noddy the mascot and had a little look around me, says he's bringing the family along at a later date - we'll see, bet he wants a freebie!!

Really chuffed that, when I was sat rocking n rolling at Clacton on Sea, some admirer looked out from their window and recognised me - "a sight I never thought I'd see again".

Looks like he's a number one fan, he dreamt of buying me and has lots of photographs of me, the Nemo 11 and the Surf Queen, all of whom feature on my website and were owned at one time or another by Sonny Cardy. He visited me at Tenby and also had thoughts about setting up a website for me but never got around to it, Marilyn has beaten him to that but he is going to provide us with lots of footage that we can and will display on here for all to see. I knew someone would be looking out that Thursday and remember me and I'm feeling kinda warm that I mean that much to some people.

Thank you RICHARD WALKER for contacting my team and I hope you come to visit me very soon as I will be in my dry dock before you know it. xx

Richard's photos will be in the History section in the GOLDEN OLDEN ERA gallery.

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