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Another working day

Not brilliant sunshine but a dry and warm day. My public awaited me and I managed to troop up and down the Blackwater three times before being put back in my berth.

I'm working from the Jetty tomorrow then I'm taking the family down to Mersea Island so that they can moor up ready for the Regatta on Saturday. Don't think I'm going to be in the line-up as my tubby controller doesn't want me to get knocked about so it sounds like I'll be alongside Danny's newly finished tug. I did hear something about sheets but I'm sure they're not getting posh and bringing out the best bed linen, this is to stop Danny's tyre fenders from leaving black marks on me - I'd look like my mascara had run and that's not a good look!!

Well folks if you are reading this, have you thought about joining us for the 3 hour cruise on Sunday to visit Radio Caroline in her 50th year? I can't believe that I'm older than her, I look so much better for my age ;)

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