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Noddy's Crew

Nigel Cardy "NODDY" is the owner and skipper of the Viking Saga, he is the youngest son of the original owner, "Sonny Cardy".  Noddy has been playing and working on the River Blackwater since he was a toddler, tagging along with Tommy Hedgecock who then ran the "Nelson" and "Unity".  Nigel would often be found asleep on top of the Nelson's cabin roof, hence Tommy calling him Noddy, which is how he is known.  He owns Landbreach Boatyard, formerly owned by Tommy; with his wife and two sons, Danny and Dean, it has become a family business.  The boys have been taught the trade of dredging, fishing, piling, sailing, welding and all other skills necessary to operate a reputable and able company.  


Noddy has had his Skippers Licence since his twenties, allowing him to skipper the Thames Barges, a hobby that he has just rekindled again.  He has his Boat Masters Licence (BML); every qualification and more which enables him to operate a passenger vessel; with his vast knowledge of the local rivers, you couldn't be in safer hands.


Rosemary Cardy "ROEY" is the missus.  She is more involved than you can imagine or that you would give her credit for.  She not only rubs down and does the majority of the annual repaint on the VS in the winter months, she prepares her for every trip, wiping her down, stocking up the bar, assisting as a "mate" and also meeting and greeting.


Pete Howard - is Roey's elder brother.  He assists as first mate, helps get the VS ready for her day trips, meets and greets and is the fare collector.  In the winter months he helps with the maintenance and painting, getting her ready for the next season.


Ken Knapp - relief skipper and crew member.


Cyril Varley - relief skipper.  


I cannot leave this page without paying tribute to former Crew members who were foremost, our friends.  RIP

Danny Bright 

Andy Mitchell

Ron Hall

and last but definitely not least,

Keith Harman - (HAGAR).  Keith had worked on the VS for many years as a teen at Clacton, he welcomed and embraced the opportunity of being aboard her again.  He was a larger than life character, looked like an old sea dog and was full of banter which he put to good use, entertaining the passengers. 

A quote from NODDY - "Keith was one of a kind, I'd known him most of my life from Clacton and then Maldon.  Of all people, he understood why we run the Viking Saga.  He was the best tout I've ever seen work a crowd, he loved it and told me once, "everyone wants a boat trip, they just don't know it yet"  We shared so many laughs.  He has left a void that no one can fill, it will never be the same without him and certainly not as much fun but he knows that the trips will go on".















Viking Saga 

Viking Saga Maldon

Viking Saga Pleasure Boat



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