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Bobs Werth

The day's are whizzing past and one minute I think Autumn has begun and next I've got brilliant sunshine reflecting back at me from the murky waters of the Blackwater.

Yesterday I had to be on best behaviour as I had an Inspector to please. He came aboard wearing a hi viz jacket and a hard helmet, my Missus asked him why the necessity for the helmet as there was very little that could fall on top of him, unlike those heavy tall masts on some of my other mates on the river, apparently it is the H&S rules - Oh My, what did we do before someone invented them - did I hear common sense being mentioned??

I think it's all a ploy to get a free river trip but hey ho, we have to obey and oblige and I am pleased to say I am so well looked after, that I passed the inspection which pleased my Noddy.

We only did that one trip yesterday but it's always nice to have some lovely people aboard that appreciate me and want to see the sights from the river.

I'm off to work again in a moment as I am doing trips from 4.30pm but how many depend on whether anyone is on the Prom. Now that they have turned the swimming lake into a duck pond, folk don't tend to stay much after 4.30 these days, such a shame! Without being contraversial, does it really make sense to demolish a Victorian Swimming Lake, enjoyed by so many generations, to provide a duck pond when they have all the natural habitat of the River, creeks, inlets, wrecks, marshland and mud? Not to me it doesn't, that'd be like them building me a special waterway to float on when I have this natural river to bob up and down on.

Anyway, I best get on and behave myself, otherwise I'll get "her" that types into trouble and we don't want that. xx

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