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If I thought I was going to get a lay-in, I was wrong!!

Something's been wrong with my plumbing for a while, I know cos I've been hearing the Missus telling him several times but he didn't seem to be taking her seriously. Well of all the days, I'd not had my beauty sleep and he comes bright n early and starts dismantling me china and replacing it, testing the flush and crossing his chubby fingers that he'd done a good job.

Thank goodness the sun was shining down on me, that's always a comforting feeling.

I wanted to look my best cos today was the day I was going to visit RADIO CAROLINE, albeit it is now the Ross Revenge (previously known as Freya) and not my old pal Mi Amigo (she went to that graveyard at the bottom of the sea bless her).

You could feel some excitement in the air as I was made ready for my public; they were all waiting, in earnest, at my Jetty. They quickly boarded and the skipper set off for our long cruise out to Bradwell on Sea. They were a happy bunch and seemed very interested in the sights that my controller was pointing out to them, even laughing at his commentary (I've heard it all before so I switch off). Further into our excursion some new voice came over the tannoy, talking about an Icelantic Fishing Trawler that was one of the two largest ever built, 6 metres below her water line and held the record for the largest catch in history, all very interesting and I did feel a little inferior thinking of the size of her, I got a brief mention for my trips out to RC in the sixties.

OH MY GOODNESS - Here they were all sitting on a lovingly restored historical boat, drink in their hands, sun shining down on them, cruising along the Blackwater - when they leapt to their feet, ecstatic as Caroline blasted from my speakers and 200 foot of red and white metal loomed up in front of us. Total anoraks the lot of them!!

I've never heard so many camera clicks in all my days and I was getting a tad dizzy as my Nodz kept making me circle the RR so that all these doting fans could get their fill of her. We were honoured with the company of the owner and several devotees of RC, they communicated with the staff onboard who eventually acknowledged us when we went alongside. Some of our passengers had worked on the RR and others were just dedicated fans of Radio Caroline and had travelled long distances to be on this voyage and see history anchored up in the River Blackwater.

We ventured a little further up the river towards Mersea before doubling back to make the return trip back to Maldon. Radio Caroline memorabillia was on sale and was popular with the fans.

I must admit, anoraks they might have been but they were a jolly nice bunch and they'd been blessed with the sunshine, I'd like to see them again. They were that grateful for their excursion they even clapped me Nodz as a thank you, I'll accept some of that as t'was also my pretty self that got them there and back in safety.

Think I'll sleep well tonight, been a hectic few days. Nighty nights folks xx

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