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The Weekend part 1

I hope that you have had an enjoyable weekend with the bonus of some sunshine. I had a busy Friday, working from my Jetty and then the family loaded me up and took me to Mersea Island.

It's not quite the same sleeping on a different berth and I found it a tad noisy and uncomfortable but Noddy, the Missus, Dean and his pals were comfy, so that's all that mattered.

It wasn't quite so warm as they were hoping for on Saturday but that didn't spoil the day. The Regatta had the usual boat challenges and of course the greasy pole from the Kitty.

The day went by quite quickly and there was only a little bitching amongst us ladies and whilst I'm only an Essex gal, I must admit that I felt like a celeb in comparision with some that were there. Such a shame that there are no male boats to engage with.

Awards ceremony over, the fairground was in full action mode and as darkness crept in they let off the firework display, fascinating stuff watching what those bits of gunpowder can do, bit clever me thinks.

My mate Roey was busy feeding everyone and some noisy socialising was happening, everyone seemed to be very jolly.

Midnight struck and like Cinderella I had to leave the ball. My master Noddy untied me from my mooring and steered me out into the darkness, I could hardly see a thing and was getting a little flustered cos I'm not used to being out after dusk and this was pitch black, no moonlight cruise tonight as it wasn't about. He, that does, put on the navigation light but I think that blinded him more than it lit up the rivers, I blame that Roey's varnishing and polishing - good job he knows them like the back of his hand. They text her that types to let her know it was pitch black and they were making their way back home - "what are you doing awake" they asked at 1.45am - duh, why did they text if they thought she'd be asleep, I thought!!!

It was early hours but it was lovely to be back in my own berth for the few hours that I had before my working day would begin again.

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